Minotaur Mania

Mazes and minotaurs go together; clearly you can’t have a Maze Festival without a fair few minotaurs showing up… So what do you do with them? Well, you could start by tossing rings onto the[…]

Mandala Maze

It started out as a great idea and a spiral drawn in chalk: and then magic happened! Sculptor Tessa Hawkes invited people attending the 2016 Saffron Walden Maze Festival to co-create a a unique snail[…]

A-maze-ing Saffron Walden, part 2

The Saffron Walden Common was pulsing with activity this weekend as creative mazemakers delighted the crowds with opportunities to lose and find themselves both literally and metaphorically. On the historic turf maze, modern competitors followed[…]

A-maze-ing Saffron Walden!

Every few years, the Minotaur comes to Saffron Walden, home of the wonderful 17th century turf maze. He came, in many forms, as part of the 2016 Saffron Walden Maze Festival, which was a rousing success. Every three years, the[…]

Ariadne Returns!

I never intended for Ariadne to stay away so long! Those of us who follow the labyrinth’s path know how meandering happens. You commit to the path, and then you follow it. Ariadne’s Thread has never been[…]

Many Hands…

Designing, drawing, and painting a canvas labyrinth is a big job. While it can be done singlehandedly, a community effort can offer a multitude of benefits, from the teaching of new skills to the deepening of friendships — not to mention being able to finish the job more quickly!

Monday, Monday

The very fact that I have so much choice energizes me. On Monday, the week is still mine, and the taste of possibility is delicious on my lips!

Haste ye back!

The final stage of any pilgrimage is the Return, when we say goodbye to our fellow travelers and head back to our homes and communities, bringing with us our memories of the journey, and the[…]

Over Hill and Dale

Later today we will be meeting up with our fellow travelers on the Labyrinthos 2014 Mysterious Scotland tour. This is an exciting moment, when all our careful planning and preparation finally cross paths with the people[…]