A-maze-ing Saffron Walden, part 2

The Saffron Walden Common was pulsing with activity this weekend as creative mazemakers delighted the crowds with opportunities to lose and find themselves both literally and metaphorically. On the historic turf maze, modern competitors followed[…]

Pilgrim Blessings

Many years ago, when I was beginning to feel my early yearnings for pilgrimage, I came to understand that even if a pilgrim walks alone, pilgrimage is a community experience.


Pilgrimage is sacred travel, where the inner outer journeys of the pilgrim are mirrored and marked, where meaning is found in every twist and turn of the path. Who one meets and what one sees carry meaning and import for the soul.


My days, at the moment, are filled with walks and maps and thoughts of intention and life-purpose. I am making a pilgrimage, walking from Paris to Chartres with a dear friend, as a way of preparing for my approaching 60th birthday.

Weaving our Webs

The world wide web becomes a personal web of our own making, connecting us to each other in ways that count, both large and small. Even when I start to feel overwhelmed by the speed at which the world seems to move these days, I enjoy the community that is mine at the touch of a button, the stroke of a key. My world is a better place for my connecting to my social media friends, and I am a happier person because of their presence in my life.

Ode to Old Boots

Fourteen years ago, I walked onto the airplane that brought me to England. I had sold my home, quit my jobs, and hugged my children goodbye. In my imagination, I was walking into a tunnel[…]

Seventeenth Ferry

We are homeward bound! Carrying memories, stories, and experiences in our packs, we are beginning to make our way in from the islands, back along familiar roads, moving steadily south and east toward England and home.[…]

Orkney Reflections

We came off Orkney this morning, back to the mainland, heading towards  a busier world. But before I leave the islands behind I want to try to describe something that I’ve never quite been able[…]