Iona Images

 Iona, beautiful and holy… Bless to us, oh God, the path beneath our feet, Bless to us, oh God, the path on which we go, Bless to us, oh God, the people whom we meet.[…]

Over Hill and Dale

Later today we will be meeting up with our fellow travelers on the Labyrinthos 2014 Mysterious Scotland tour. This is an exciting moment, when all our careful planning and preparation finally cross paths with the people[…]

Weaving My Worlds Together

Sometimes synchronicity and grace weave a cosmic occurrence that manages to feel so completely personal that it affirms one’s place in the Universe. Today is World Labyrinth Day; people around the world are making it a point[…]

Attention to the Path

Meandering paths crisscross the planet, always leading home to Self. One of the deepest gifts we can give in this world is our attention — our full, open-hearted attention. And yet, it can be a[…]

Spring in our Steps

England seems to have lost its Spring this year, but my calendar tells me it is May despite the weather. My foot is healing, and today we are off on a long-awaited adventure. We will[…]

A Little Labyrinth Magic

My ankle must be healing…. I am beginning to think clearly and care about things again. Last night as I was looking through the photos on Jeff’s camera, I found the one I’ve been wishing[…]

Irish Rambling, part 2

The rain continued to follow us as we drove further south to Cashel in County Tipperary where we headed immediately for the famous, dominating feature on the landscape: Jeff was eager to get a close[…]

Irish Rambling

We can tell you why Ireland is so green…. it rains. But somehow the dull skies and bitter winds contributed to the mystery and magic of the landscape. We had come in search of neolithic[…]