Orkney Reflections

We came off Orkney this morning, back to the mainland, heading towards ¬†a busier world. But before I leave the islands behind I want to try to describe something that I’ve never quite been able[…]

Art and Heart

If you ever feel like you need a lift, make your way to the Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm, Orkney. This marvelous little chapel was constructed by Italian prisoners of war who were sent to[…]

Orkney Overlays

Orkney reaches comfortably across the ages; neolithic stone circles co-exist with iron-age ruins and modern farms. People who come to see the ancient monuments are often surprised by the mild weather and gently scultpted landscape.[…]

Neolithic Neighbours

Passing by the Old Man of Hoy on our way to the Orkneys, I marveled again at the beauty and diversity of this land. Our first stop was at Skara Brae, an abandoned neolithic¬†village on[…]