Pilgrimage to Oronsay

The tiny island of Oronsay is at the heart of our pilgrimage this week as it has been for other pilgrims over the centuries. A holy island, it was once home to a small but[…]

Haste ye back!

The final stage of any pilgrimage is the Return, when we say goodbye to our fellow travelers and head back to our homes and communities, bringing with us our memories of the journey, and the[…]

Iona Images

 Iona, beautiful and holy… Bless to us, oh God, the path beneath our feet, Bless to us, oh God, the path on which we go, Bless to us, oh God, the people whom we meet.[…]


Chartres is so much more than its labyrinth. It is devotion, community, tradition, and beauty, all woven into a glorious whole. The art throughout the cathedral is magnificent; each image  and treasure has its dedication[…]

Irish Rambling, part 2

The rain continued to follow us as we drove further south to Cashel in County Tipperary where we headed immediately for the famous, dominating feature on the landscape: Jeff was eager to get a close[…]

Irish Rambling

We can tell you why Ireland is so green…. it rains. But somehow the dull skies and bitter winds contributed to the mystery and magic of the landscape. We had come in search of neolithic[…]