Seventeenth Ferry

We are homeward bound! Carrying memories, stories, and experiences in our packs, we are beginning to make our way in from the islands, back along familiar roads, moving steadily south and east toward England and home.[…]

Haste ye back!

The final stage of any pilgrimage is the Return, when we say goodbye to our fellow travelers and head back to our homes and communities, bringing with us our memories of the journey, and the[…]

Orkney Reflections

We came off Orkney this morning, back to the mainland, heading towards  a busier world. But before I leave the islands behind I want to try to describe something that I’ve never quite been able[…]

Art and Heart

If you ever feel like you need a lift, make your way to the Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm, Orkney. This marvelous little chapel was constructed by Italian prisoners of war who were sent to[…]

Orkney Overlays

Orkney reaches comfortably across the ages; neolithic stone circles co-exist with iron-age ruins and modern farms. People who come to see the ancient monuments are often surprised by the mild weather and gently scultpted landscape.[…]

Neolithic Neighbours

Passing by the Old Man of Hoy on our way to the Orkneys, I marveled again at the beauty and diversity of this land. Our first stop was at Skara Brae, an abandoned neolithic village on[…]


Dailiness delights me. Dailiness is the way we shape our lives and cultures with little acts that we carry out on a daily basis so that they become a practice, either by design or by[…]

Toward the Stones

A long string of islands, two ferries, a host of views and ancient monuments, and a spectacular sunset at a sacred stone circle make this one of the longest and most enjoyable days of our[…]


Every traveler has certain destinations that lodge in her heart. One of mine is Castlebay, Barra, where the ferry swings into the harbor to be greeted by Kisimul Castle. I love the long ferry ride[…]

Iona Images

 Iona, beautiful and holy… Bless to us, oh God, the path beneath our feet, Bless to us, oh God, the path on which we go, Bless to us, oh God, the people whom we meet.[…]