Ariadne’s Thread weaves through my life, giving order to my world. Ariadne is a figure from Greek mythology; it was Ariadne who gave Theseus the scarlet thread that allowed him to escape the labyrinth after slaying the Minotaur…. Her thread is the thread of divine connection, the thread that leads us home.

Ariadne’s thread has woven through my work for as long as I can remember, from my creativity to my labyrinthine travels. It weaves together the eclecticism that defines my work and delights my heart, connecting my various interests and my widespread community. My blog is in Ariadne’s honour, written in hopes that her thread of divine connection will stitch my internal and external diversity together to form a coherent whole.

Ariadne300I have never been able to do just one thing at a time, though I love nothing more than to exhaustively research a single thread until I feel that I have made it mine by knowing it well enough to find it a place in my life. My path through life is both eclectic and varied, and it has lead me to fascinating places, in both the inner and the outer realms.

Over time, there have been two constants: the labyrinth and my writing. One is the metaphor that guides my life, the other the tool I use to understand that path. Ariadne’s Thread is my way of sharing my deep appreciation of creativity, imagination, and human connection. The pages on this site invite you to explore my world with me as I spin the thread that is weaving the tapestry of my life.