1798Sampler900The threads that make up the tapestry of my life are many and varied; some are colourful while others are more plain and provide a neutral background for their brighter cousins.

Our travels and adventures with the labyrinth are undoubtedly the brightest of my threads, punctuating my life with story and excitement. They are the extroverted threads, the ones that reach out to connect with family and community, friends and strangers alike. But just as we need shadow to appreciate the light, I need the softer, duller tones to remind me of my love of solitude and quietness, which keep me grounded and connected to Self.

The pages of this website tend to show my busier, more outgoing days, and even here amongst the softer threads, you’ll never really see my endless puttering and procrastination endeavors. I do, however want to honour my quiet times by sharing my prayers and spiritual practices, my favourite books, and a few of the other threads that gently weave the backdrop to my labyrinthine life. Without them, I would be but a burned out shell of a woman!