Beads have appealed to the soul for millennia… with more choices today than ever before! Beads are heart-warming, collectible… and, some will say, highly addictive! A famous beader once said, “There is no bead we do not need.”  Believe her… she knows what she’s talking about! Beads are, indeed collectible; I have several in my collection that were dropped alongside the Thames by Romans many centuries ago, connecting me to like-minded collectors from past civilizdsc01131bead.JPGations. Others are tiny artpieces in and of themselves.

Beadwork is about imagination and creativity. Once you learn the basic stitches and understand the types of beads available, there is no limit to what you can create… from simple to extravagant, from elegant to funky. Sharing a love for beads and the the delights that can be created with them builds community. Here in Thundersley, our Tuesday night bead group has met for years, as we come together to share our art, inspire creativity and open our lives. Beading gives us a common ground; week after week, we gather to share our joys, frustrations, transitions, and losses. All the while, our hands weave beaded accompaniments to our stories.

Beads speak for the heart. When my youngest daughter married her true love last year, she wore a bracelet I had made for her, crystals and pearls symbolizing my love for her, bestowing a mother’s blessing on their union.


 Click here to view samples of my bead work.