Welcome to my circle…

I often miss my family…. and whichever of my friends I’m not with at any particular moment…  Since I clearly live with my feet on two continents, that means I am always missing someone. And it also means that I have a pretty damned exciting life and have plenty of good in-the-moment experiences. I consider myself very lucky, and even the missing really just signals that my life is rich enough to let me love lots of people (and places). This blog is my attempt at staying in touch.

In all actuality, I am really making this into a Dear Family and Friends letter that is simply cloaked in modern technology. I loved my blog as it was, but found myself stymied and stagnated as I tried to restrict myself  to focused writing  for special interest audiences instead of being able to simply share my life with all its eclectic absurdities. In my real life, I can’t separate my knitting from my labyrinth work, my psychology from my cooking. Perhaps later, I will organize my writings into specialized blogs, but for now Ariadne’s Thread is taking the form of a letter from my heart to the people I love. I hope you will visit often and enjoy reading what I have to say!

I’ve always loved the When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple poem and admired those people who could embrace their own eccentricities as they got old enough to shake off the constraining perfectionism of professional stereotypes and social mores. So, welcome to my world of  labyrinths and love, of spiritual thoughts and mundane realities… walks in the countryside, special recipes, knitting updates, and snapshots of my life in England and our labyrinthine travels; in this blog, it’s all fair game!

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  1. Oh goody…..I love keeping up with you via your blog. I may have to start my own in an attempt to know what I’m doing!!!!!!

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