Attention to the Path

Meandering paths
crisscross the planet, always
leading home to Self.

One of the deepest gifts we can give in this world is our attention — our full, open-hearted attention. And yet, it can be a hard thing to do in our busy lives when society often insists on judging us by our ability to multi-task with ease and grace. In reality, however, ease and grace come from an altogether different source, an inner place where we can take the time to listen to ourselves, to Spirit, and to those who matter to our hearts.

Because we travel so much, I’ve learned that I like to pay attention to Place and Person, which means I don’t like answering the phone and responding to emails when I’m spending time with a friend, and that I need to retreat into Quiet in order to take in the sights and sounds of Place when I am exploring new terrain or making pilgrimage to sacred sites. What works for me is to write on a daily basis, no matter where I am, because it is my writing that helps me to make sense of my surroundings and recogize my community. But then I wait until I get home to distill meaning and polish my writing. So it is only now that I have returned to the routine of my daily life that I am ready to write here about the travel delights that we’ve just experienced. I so appreciate the immediacy of posts from people who can process and publish more quickly, but I am also coming to an understanding that I, personally, work more slowly. Thus, I apologize for the time delay, but hope that what I say here will reflect my deepening understanding of the Path. I will be sharing the stories of our recent journeys gradually over the coming days, both here and on our Labyrinthos blog… I hope you’ll join me!

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10 Replies to “Attention to the Path”

  1. Goodmorning dear friend! What a wonderful blogpost and I can so relate to it! I, too, often need more time to digest new experiences and I, too, do that by writing them down. I’m sure you am not surprised by this, after all we felt the connection between each other right away.
    I’m in ooh and aah over the labyrinth on this photo – is seems like a Dutch text on it.. where is it? Your haiku is fabulous too and so true, I learned that from you and Lea! Looking forward to read more about your travels. Enjoy your weekend dear one!

  2. the photo made me think of circles within circles, near circles…..great labyrinth-type pic, and wonderfully expressed haiku…

  3. your haiku is so beautiful and speaks straight to my heart. thank you for taking the time to distill your life experiences. in doing so there is a depth that defies all ideas of time and space. in doing so you are indeed a living labyrinth of the soul.

  4. I liked your haiku AND your other writing, as well! Sometimes it IS hard to focus, but I try to remind myself to be mindful…

  5. When paths lead home to ourselves – how true it is! I once tried multi-lingual multi-tasking at work. I lasted only 3 minutes.

  6. The Meandering Path changed my life. Meeting you… showing and sharing it with me did. Sharing De Wassende Maan was very special. A simple “Thank you” falls way short of my gratitude. But a big hug just the same!

  7. How I adore labyrinths and it sounds like you visit them around the world. Good musings in your post for Friday.

  8. i write daily as well because . . . well, because i discover what i think, who i am, and often what i’ve missed or experienced on another, more subtle level. life is full and busy with many distractions. writing is my labyrinth back home. no need to apologize for time delays. the unfolding will happen at the perfect time.

  9. Home… how glad now that my travels have led me back here, that are paths crisscrossed… and do so even now through cyber space… XOXOXO

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