Chartres is so much more than its labyrinth. It is devotion, community, tradition, and beauty, all woven into a glorious whole.

Image12ChemiseGlassThe art throughout the cathedral is magnificent; each image  and treasure has its dedication and purpose, a, both modern and ancient. For me, it is an incredible celebration of human creativity and spiritual devotion reflecting the nuances of tradition that weave the underpinnings of our culture and psyche. I was not raised with any devotion to Mary, and yet my soul recognizes her as Mother, and I return again and again, heeding an inner calling that I can’t explain with ration or logic. It is affirming to me to look upon art from across the ages that reflects similar experience; image and tradition connect us across both time and distance, leaving me awed, renewed, and edified.

In my heart, I know that I have visited with Mother Mary, in the home where she resides.



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  1. Beautiful post. I am transported by your words and images… I find myself walking through those doors into the sacred space of this special place…

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