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To my mind, there is no doubt that the labyrinth symbol invites and thrives on creativity. As always seems to happen when labyrinth enthusiasts gather and scheme, the Saffron Walden Maze Festival grew beyond its organizers’ wildest dreams as imaginations fired and ideas poured in. The week became a virtual feast of artistic endeavour and participation.

Art Exhibits

Garden Tours

And even a wandering Minotaur

As Sunday grew to a close, and people had exhausted themselves with tours, concerts, lectures, labyrinth walks, art exhibits and maze-y games of all sorts, festival goers gathered at the turf maze once more to enjoy the premier performance of  Lost and Found, a short play written by Alex Everard, especially for this event.

Lost and Found explores the past and present of Europe’s largest surviving ancient turf maze, but also the maze of life which we are all trying to find the centre of. Four people seek different things within the Turf Maze, but will they find what they are looking for, or something else entirely?

The play was impressive, hitting all the right notes… it was timely, entertaining, and well-performed by the Sheer Drop Theatre group. It was also well-researched and factually accurate, something we don’t see all that often amongst labyrinth literature. I was impressed by two things about the playwright: her enthusiasm and her commitment to clarity. It isn’t easy to  weave together the various threads of labyrinth interest without coming across as critical of one or more of the perspectives.

And amazingly, even the dicey British weather cooperated, blessing us with one of the most beautiful summer evenings of the year. What a lovely way to enjoy community and conviviality!

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  1. Do I know that wandering Minotaur?

    So fun to share this vicariously with you. Thank you so much Kimberly!


    1. While I’m sure you know the Minotaur archetypally, I don’t think you know this one personally… I’m so glad you’re liking the posts; knowing that they are enjoyed makes the writing worthwhile!

  2. Wonderful to receive your blogs again Kim ! You always have so much to share. What a wonderful happening it must have been in Saffron Walden. Should have been there .

  3. Ditto to Lea’s comments. This has been a lot of fun sharing the Maze Festival experience with you. Thanks!

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