A New Turn on the Path

2007 is arriving with a mighty Yes energy… the entire holiday season was marked by a call to introspections, my soul invited the darkness of the season to envelop me with its stillness. The message to move slowly, gently, quietly seemed to come from all directions, drawing me deeper and deeper into myself. That part of me that is strongly introverted could have stayed in that dark quiet cave indefinitely… but the world calls, and there is already a new and lively whisper below the surface of England’s bleak winter.

I am besieged by the need to clean and organize my house, both literally and metaphorically. Today is Epiphany, the day that marks the arrival of the three kings in Bethlehem, the day when tradition dictates that the Christmas decorations must be put away. I love it… you get up in the morning and England is still decorated for Christmas, but by evening, the wreaths and Christmas trees are gone and the streets are no longer lit with twinking fairy lights. It hasn’t been enough for me to put away the tinsel and trees, so we’ve been reaching into dark cupboards and onto high shelves, clearing, cleaning, setting things in order.