And I’m Back!

I never intended for this break to be so long… but this has been a busy year with frequent travel interspersed with intense research interesting projects. Then as the days stretched into weeks, then months, I started questioning my lack of a single focus, my sense of nichelessness.Today, however, I am visiting with my friend Lea, a blogger-par-excellence, whom I’ve been peppering with questions ranging from the mundane to the profound. The upshot is renewed enthusiasm and refreshed determination to revel in my own eclectic nature. The truth about me is that I have many passions which I don’t like to separate into separate pigeonholes. I love watching my interests weave together as they shape my life and my days.

For the next few weeks, I will be on the road, which means struggling with getting my camera to communicate with borrowed with computers, so the picture elements may be delayed until I get home. For that I apologize, but I’ve decided not to let that keep me from posting.

It feels good to be back!

4 Replies to “And I’m Back!”

  1. Hello Kimberly – I am much too eclectic as well – one thing seems to lead to the next – and I try to follow the thread – so I am in complete alignment with the struggle to focus – although when it happens – focus that is – it can be unrelenting – seeking a balance…

    so lovely to meet you via Lea…

    xox – eb.

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