We made it!

Lisa and I walked  into Chartres Cathedral early last Thursday afternoon. Still wearing our packs, we walked directly to Mary, Vierge du Pilier, lighting candles as our eyes blurred with tears of emotion.

I am writing this belatedly… in fact, we are both home and settling back into our daily lives, though I suspect we are forever changed by this past week. We needed to come home quietly, giving ourselves time to just be with our hearts, and to begin the process of integrating our experiences. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing some of the images and stories that feel so precious to us.

But first, let me express our gratitude for all of you who followed us in thought and prayer, who wished us well, and who supported us in so many meaningful ways. We carried you in our hearts as we walked, and treasure the connections that transcend distance.


5 Replies to “Arrival!”

  1. I can still feel the magnitude of the moment we turned the corner to see the North Portal. How incredible it was that we walked for nearly 10 miles with the spires in distant view, how they disappeared as we walked up the steep, heavily populated hillside approach, and then, almost as by magic, there she stood, proud, tall and magnificent. I am quite sure I will never forget that moment in time. Breathless and breathtaking. Thank you for sharing this in words and companionship.

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