February’s Challenge

Jeff at work on his day’s fossil finds…

When I showed her this photograph, my friend Winter said, It looks old, must be the sepia color, or Jeff’s soul coming through. And that captures my intent perfectly. This is what I love about our days together, the quiet moments when we share space as we go about our individual pursuits.

I’ve decided to celebrate February by challenging myself to take a photograph every day this month. My reasons for this are twofold… not only do I want to hone my skills as a photographer, but it also occurs to me that accepting this challenge will get me out each day in search of something beautiful or meaningful.

I won’t be sharing every photograph on this blog; my challenge is about art not publication… but I certainly hope that this practice will feed my blog as I sharpen my perspective on the world by letting my soul dance with the lens of my camera.

With Imbolc just gone, we can really see the gradual lengthening of the days now, and with it, hopefully we’ll begin to notice the results of the deep soul work that is often done in the depths of winter’s darkness.

What is stirring deep within you? What new sprout in you is making its way tenderly toward the light of day?

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