Golden Glints of Green

These  long-awaited and happily anticipated Olympics feel disappointingly odd and disjointed to me.  In fairness, it seems that Vancouver has done a splendid job of organizing and the BBC is doing its best to bring us coverage, but the 8-hour time difference just doesn’t allow for comfortable live-time viewing. We watch the Highlights shows rather faithfully, but they clash painfully with the bits of live coverage that filter in on other channels and news broadcasts. So, I feel frustratingly uninformed and have no sense of building excitement or competition.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my own Olympic knitting… in fact, I’ve found it surprisingly easy to focus on the leaves emerging from my needles and wool:

My needles are flying, and my soul has been soothed by their soft clicking and the gentle growth of a soft garment intended to keep a dear friend snug and warm. Surely this must be the first time I’ve ever knitted a pair of socks, from cast-on to cast-off,  in less than  a week! And don’t they look truly winterbourne? Born in winter but heralding spring’s verdant fertility…

My needles aren’t ready to stop… entranced by the concept and colours of Winterbourne, I’ve also made a couple of fun scarves to get us through the last throes of this very long winter!

And I’m not finished with the Olympics yet…. I’m determined to see some of the skating this week!

3 Replies to “Golden Glints of Green”

  1. Oh Kimberly!!! They are beautiful! The leaves, shading and coloring… if you find them missing in the morning… guess where they are???? Hope you still get some Olympic viewing pleasure… XO

  2. Beautiful ! This is truly Gold Medal work!
    You are such an creative person in so many ways.

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