Inner Spring


New ideas poke up,
breaking through the icy crust
of my conscious mind,
brave thoughts,
still trembling
with the energy expended in flagging
my dozey attention.

I think of spring bulbs
struggling to brighten the garden,
still shivering beneath a snowy blanket.

My toes wiggle in their woolly socks
as I lean forward,
reaching to new beginnings.

9 Replies to “Inner Spring”

  1. These tender words are very courageous and strong… they speak of the wonders of this Spring, this promise of Winter… XO

  2. Aaahhh, I love to see the dandelions coming! It was (and still is) awefully cold here and I’m so tired of winter. Yep, wiggling toes in woolen socks.. still. Stay warm and enjoy the weekend dear one!

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