Introducing: Walking in the World

Ariadne’s Thread has been slightly neglected of late. I didn’t mean for that to happen, but sometimes a break is good for the soul, and I’ve had lots to keep me busy.


I woke up on New Year’s morning with an idea that refused go away quietly. I can be quite reclusive, especially in the winter when England’s cold and damp weather drive me deep into my cozy hermit cave. In considering what I want for myself and what word I might choose to guide my year, I considered some of the obvious-to-me words and phrases: showing up, growing, listening, connecting, colour, vitality, all of which are qualities I want to invite into my year, but none of which express the reality of my bigger picture. Then it hit me that of all my new year resolutions, the one I really want to keep is my promise to go for a walk every day. Every day. No rules, no step goals or external demands, just a practice of walking, every day, no matter what. My word? Walking-in- the-World.

To keep myself motivated and accountable, I started a new blog, thinking that I would simply post a photo most days and a few words some days. No pressure, just a bit of creative fun. And the past few weeks have most definitely been fun, but deeper than that, I feel like I’ve landed on the Path that has been waiting for me for a long, long time. I am walking (as in pilgrimage and sock knitting and labyrinth walking) and it is teaching me to look more deeply into what’s around me. I tend to live with my head in the clouds, but looking for images to capture with my camera has given me a true touchstone, and I am seeing my neighbourhood through new eyes, seeing things I’ve never noticed before. I’m also feeling part of my community in a whole new way that feels both informed and connected. In short I am feeling strong, happy and vital!


You can read about my walks here. There is a sign-up box if you want my posts delivered to your inbox, and I may start a Facebook Page to create a virtual Walking in the World community where we can share our walking moments and epiphanies, no matter where we may be walking. I’m still less than three weeks into the year, but I feel like I’ve discovered a spiritual practice that is exactly right for me. Please  join me!





3 Replies to “Introducing: Walking in the World”

  1. I am completely in love with what you are discovering here and in the world! And I am happy to join you! Yay Kimberly!

    1. CJ…. I just started a FB group for all of us to walk “together” from wherever we are in the world, sharing our words and images when we feel so inclined. Can I add you to the group? It’s not quite the same as being together, but it might still be fun!

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