Reviving Ariadne

KnoSnkGds400I write to make sense of my world, to know my own truth.

It’s been nearly a year since I last published a blog post. I’ve written any number of posts, but haven’t published them, not feeling sure how to best shape my online presence. I travel in different circles, each of which represents a different aspect of my many involvements, and the truth is that I want Ariadne’s Thread to reflect my personal eclecticism and evolving interests. I am a pilgrim who knits, cooks, walks labyrinths, writes and philosophizes. The tapestry of my life is too complex for me to happily or successfully tease out and separate the individual threads that have been woven together to form the bigger picture of my life.

Moreover, I am now 59 years old and I am absolutely fascinated by the process of my ageing and the prospects of celebrating my next milestone birthday with a joyous and inclusive heart. I want to shout from the mountaintops that I love where my Path has brought me and that I treasure the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

If you’re reading this post, I congratulate you on your patience and tenacity, and thank you for all the kind notes that have encouraged me to return to my blogging. I’m back at my desk, baring my soul, and spinning my thread!

(And yes, I know the Snake Goddess of Knossos isn’t Ariadne, but to me, she belongs on this page, and I welcome her wisdom…)

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  1. Kimberley, I enjoy your Goddess Wisdom as always! You have helped me so much with your spirit and your wisdom. Knowing I’m not every really disconnected. I just need to follow the thread!

  2. Just saw your link on Karin’s bloghop! Lovely to connect with you. I’ve long followed the labyrinth and admired the work you and Jeff do.

    1. And we are admirers of your work, Elyn. Somehow I didn’t realize you live in Spain… let’s connect in real life as well as through wordpress!

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