Seventeenth Ferry

We are homeward bound!


Carrying memories, stories, and experiences in our packs, we are beginning to make our way in from the islands, back along familiar roads, moving steadily south and east toward England and home. Our hearts are full; we are inspired and already planning our next visit. We feel blessed and renewed; we’ve made new friends and have images and ideas swirling through our heads. Over the past four weeks, we have gone to the edges of our worlds, both inner and outer, and have been changed by our experience… now it is time to work, to write, and to let this journey play into our daily lives.


I still have more to say, with more threads to be spun into stories for later posts. For now, let me close with a photo of these delightful bikes which belong to new friends. Where we drove, they cycled. We saw a lot of “older” people on the roads this trip, many of them on bikes, others hiking. How inspiring is that? It’s not just the 20-somethings who are fit and active these days, but also people our age and older. 60 really is the new 40! And life is good…