Out of Paris!

If we were chatting together about pilgrimage, pilgrim to pilgrim, heart to heart, I would comfortably admit that pilgrimage can take us much deeper than we ever expected to go.

In the Footsteps of Pilgrims Past

Here amongst the splendor of Notre Dame in the heart of Paris, we left our worries on the altar so that we could take our places in the colourful procession of pilgrims who have made similar journeys over the centuries.


My days, at the moment, are filled with walks and maps and thoughts of intention and life-purpose. I am making a pilgrimage, walking from Paris to Chartres with a dear friend, as a way of preparing for my approaching 60th birthday.

Monday, Monday

The very fact that I have so much choice energizes me. On Monday, the week is still mine, and the taste of possibility is delicious on my lips!

Weaving our Webs

The world wide web becomes a personal web of our own making, connecting us to each other in ways that count, both large and small. Even when I start to feel overwhelmed by the speed at which the world seems to move these days, I enjoy the community that is mine at the touch of a button, the stroke of a key. My world is a better place for my connecting to my social media friends, and I am a happier person because of their presence in my life.

Art and Heart

If you ever feel like you need a lift, make your way to the Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm, Orkney. This marvelous little chapel was constructed by Italian prisoners of war who were sent to[…]