Hand to Heart

Damien Hirst was interviewed on British television a few nights ago… I was already familiar with his work and the controversy surrounding it, but I’d never really heard him talk about his own art. His words were touching:

Anything done well is art.
All art is magic. 

As I visit other poets and artists in blogland, I receive imaginal food for my soul which provides me with a sweet nurturing of my own creative nature. This, then, is a love letter to all those who kindly and courageously bare their souls and bring magic to life by offering their work into the world:

I savor your work;
your images flow through me,
transforming my heart. 

˜ ˜ ˜

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11 Replies to “Hand to Heart”

  1. I love your haiku. I feel the same often as I read and see the talents of so many creative souls. yours included.
    Life is art, art is life. We just might feel it differently.


  2. ‘Anything done well is art’ – I would say ‘anything done with heart and soul is art’ but it is without a doubt true that all art is magical. As is your post! Oh, and I have the feeling that not only the wind blows my way, but that you will be riding on it across the North Sea very soon – and we will meet… am I right?

    1. I’m hoping so, Marit. We are awaiting confirmation from the museum in Rotterdam, then will book our ferry tickets! I am looking forward to meeting you!

  3. How many times have the images we have shared over these years transformed us? This post makes me pause and drink deeply of what I often take for granted, your hands in this mandala gesture and how much you are a muse and stability in my life… it means the world to me, this savoring of your heart and art… XO

  4. And I wonder why I love art, why I love things magical. They are interrelated. Thanks for sharing Damien Hirst’s words. Love your haiku too.

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