Whatever the Weather

Like much of the world, England is watching its weather with confusion and amazement as worry and amusement intermingle. In the same week that a hosepipe ban (water rationing) was rolled out across southern England, the heavens softened with irony and rainclouds moved in. We are booted up and duly engaged in endless weatherly discussions, happily debating the probability of forecast accuracy.  As an experienced ex-pat, I’m used to the talk…. but as a novice poet, I am intrigued and delighted by the poetic possibilities hidden in our weather updates. How marvelous to find lovely phrases weaving through the lunchtime news, gifts of poetic magic from the BBC! My pen had only to dance them onto the page and ease them into form.
brollies at the ready
as shower clouds bubble up,
sunshine and shadow
Wherever you are in the world, may you find poetic delight in your weather this week!
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5 Replies to “Whatever the Weather”

  1. fantastic rain boots!!!!

    {{ i have several pairs
    of various patterns
    for FUN water splashing,
    should the need
    arise! }}

    love the image here—>
    ~~~as shower clouds bubble up~~~

    they Do,
    don’t they,,,

  2. Marvelous Kimberly… I will listen to the forecast in another mood now and hear the poetry from our (rather weird looking) weather(young)man. Yes, I hope to meet you and Lea in May! I hope the sun will shine, but if not: WE will brighten the sky!

  3. Now these are deffinately different colored boots than brown or the dreaded DV boot… your writing always makes the sun shine wherever I am Kimberly…

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