New Beginnings

Sometimes the soul needs a little retreat. Mine has. And just as the year cycles through the seasons, spring does return to the soul, bringing forth tender shoots of newness, with the promise of further transformation yet to come.

I will begin with syllables, offering them to you from my emerging sense of poetics and linking to haiku my heart, where poets and friends gather on Fridays to share their worlds through image and haiku.

It has taken me a few days to gather the threads of my courage and poke them through the eye of the cyber needle so they can be sewn into my blog, but my intention is to make this a Friday practice.

Early breath of spring
threatens winter’s icy grip.
Crocuses arise!

(Perhaps I should explain that the jar contains my homemade grain-free nutty granola, a symbol of my new and healthful way of eating.)

2 Replies to “New Beginnings”

  1. As always… I come away from these threads you weave, with my soul feeling nourished and attended to. Your words, images, and the heart felt intent that you so generously share are very appreciated. I love that line… poking through the eye of the cyber needle… it says a lot. I raise a cup of your granola to your Spring making itself known.

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