Purveyor of Wisdom

I am tenderly exploring my writing life, finally and joyfully accepting that I have a poetic and writerly soul. It’s Friday, so, as promised, I’m continuing my quest to invite poetry and friendship into my life by sharing an experience from my week, in haiku and image, and linking to the lovely and creative haiku my heart community.

In my resolve to take my writing to a new level, I’m considering new forms of expression, feeling alternately excited and terrified. I dreamt the other night of admiring the work of a lovely and creative woman, even wishing that I had created what she had. I asked her how she did it…

Just write the first line,
the second follows always…
advice from the muse.

Please join the haiku my heart community
Friday rendezvous at recuerda mi corazon

9 Replies to “Purveyor of Wisdom”

  1. welcome to haiku my heart!! a warm community where writing is a love, and sharing the joy that ties all our hearts together.

    your haiku is a perfect offering of bright wisdom!
    so glad you have joined us!

  2. Kimberly,
    Yes, you have a gift for writing. I’m glad you’re exploring ways to use your gift. I love the way you combine your writing with photos. Many blessings on this new turn in your path.



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