Writing Spring

It’s too beautiful outside to be serious inside. If Mother Nature can be giddy with her spring bulbs, earthy smells and tumultuous bridsong, why shouldn’t I giggle with my poetry? Despite the morning’s gorgeousness, my energy is low and I can’t spare any of it for taking myself too seriously at the moment.

I am healing well, have already traded my clinical white cast for Darth Vader’s sturdy boot; I clunk awkwardly on my forays into the spring garden, one foot wearing a summer sandal, the other strapped with foam, velcro and rigid struts.  I’m sure my awkward attire and gait are giving those aforementioned birds something to titter about, and they, in turn, delight me with their tittering songs… a blessed circle!

As for my writing… I’ve treated myself to the bright red fountain pen I’ve been coveting, and am finding it to be an opinionated and responsive companion. Here she is swinging in the trees:

holding hands with my
red opinionated pen…
best friends forever!

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10 Replies to “Writing Spring”

  1. I love this capricious spring writing… and that you and your pen are holding hands, for good things are coming from this friendship, the best of things… XO

  2. You are astounding in your bravery, your talent and your song.
    Kudos to you!
    And I love that your pen is a she…

  3. How I love your red opinionated pen floating in the trees. I’m glad you are out and about in your garden. It will help with the healing.

  4. I love the pen, and the photo you share here. I write on the word processor these days, but still pen letters now and again. I won’t write unless I “feel” the pen is right. I understand. I love the haiku and this post and I am glad you are moving forward with your recovery.


  5. Oooh… I LOVE pens and yours looks so beautiful, I wish I could hold it… I read a lot of good things about fountain pens… aaah, tempting. Shall I order one myself? Enjoy the Spring weather and good luck with the foot, I hope it heals well.

    1. Can’t recommend it highly enough! Have so enjoyed finding out that a pen can be opionated, and that together we are more than the sum of our two parts…. who’d have thought!

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