I have been delving for words this morning, hoping to entice my Poetic Self to come out to play with me in the glorious spring sunshine… but I am tired, wounded. I can find no poetry, no deep philosophy, nor, disappointingly, any sign of grittiness. Only this, by way of showing up, only this as an offering on our community playing field:

Uneven pavement
life changes in an instant…
healing comes slowly. 

My ankle, which I broke just over a week ago, is already beginning its healing, and my soul is fidgeting restlessly, eager to get back to independence and interesting projects.  I am reminding myself that we are multi-dimensional beings who experience life equally in body and spirit. I am practicing the art of graceful yielding now, allowing my body, mind, and spirit to work together, allowing myself to experience what is rather than what I think should be, allowing myself to enjoy the gentle care of my family and friends, allowing myself chocolate.

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13 Replies to “Allowance”

  1. That’s a great haiku to explain your situation. I am imagining this haiku without the photo of your foot in a cast. By the way, you want me to autograph it for ya? I’d be honored to do so. I think this is my first time here. I came for Haiku My Heart. Did you tell us some where how you broke it?
    Hope the heal;ing goes as it needs to and is quick and painless for you and those around you.


    1. I love it that you want to autograph my cast! I fell in a very unromantic pothole in mystical, magical Glastonbury. I’m still trying to decipher the spiritual significance…

  2. Oh, dear. Life does change in an instant. I’m glad the healing is going well but I know this puts your spring life in an entirely diffefrent perspective.

  3. i can see your painted toe nails and this tells me everything will be ok.
    i love spadoman’s idea and think we should write haiku upon your pure white cast!

  4. Noathing happens for nothing Kim ! Lovely the new picture heading your blog.
    Will call you as we truly have to catch up here!
    Happy Healing in the Sun….

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