Calling All Labyrinth Knitters

As my way of inching back toward the blogland community, I want to invite my reader friends to knit a labyrinth with me.

 Yes, really!

A big one!


Big enough to cover this:

The good people of Saffron Walden are planning a fabulous Maze Festival to be held in late August…. the Maze is the name of the big turf labyrinth on the common in the centre of town. Because it is less than an hour away from us, we consider it our local labyrinth, and visit it as often as possible. The festival week promises to be filled with fun and unique activities, but my ears really perked up when I was introduced to Sophie of Twist Yarns who is filled-to-bursting with good ideas.  Amongst her many projects is a Knitted Maze that will feature in the festival. She is looking for creative people to help her knit a mile of knitting to cover the maze. She needs knitted, crocheted, felted and/or sewn pieces which are approximately 9 inches wide, and can be as long or short as you like. You can use any material and any stitch for this celebration of textile crafts. Feel free to contact Sophie through her website with questions or knitted offerings — .

Please join the fun by helping this great marriage of Knitting and Labyrinths — two of my greatest loves!

4 Replies to “Calling All Labyrinth Knitters”

  1. I will join fur sure ! both knitting and maybe I can make it to the festival in Saffron Walden itself…

    Going through your previous posts… have to reread them all and I will !

    But first our Dutch Labyrinth Symposium.. As I post this your are both on your way to the lowlands…

    See you tomorrowmorning ! love

  2. Kimberly
    welcome back to the blogland!
    Great to hear from you and this project.
    I hope, before we will meet at Eibergen?
    And can you still remember what you promised me in Sweden?
    Unfortunately I am not able to knit, and I don’t want to learn it. So I can not contribute to the Knitted Maze.
    Am I excused?

    1. I do remember what I promised….. and you will get those socks someday. Maybe soon! But not this week, unfortunately.

      You are excused from knitting for this project, but I will show you what I am knitting for this Maze Project…. and I am hoping I will find some willing knitters in Eibergen!

      Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday. We will be arriving with Els on Wednesday. When do you arrive?

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