Maybe I’m Not So Crazy After All…

I didn’t think to say it, but it’s so…. well, right. I’ve known there were connections between my varied interests, a subject I’ve vowed to explore in this blog (if and when I find the time to write). Kay Gardiner wrote in her Mason-Dixon blog this morning, Knitting unfamiliar lace is like walking through a maze with directions but no map. The pattern is telling you, turn right, turn left, walk straight–WHOA–stop–turn around…..After you’ve knit a few repeats, you start to see what the landmarks are, creating a map in your head.

Yes, that’s exactly it. Knitting in general can be like that as well…. at first you follow directions rather blindly, trusting the path that is being described, following the wordy footprints of the designer. Then confidence grows, and suddenly your needles are dancing down the pathways of your rows, heading toward the creation of your knitted piece. After a while, if you pay attention you learn to read your knitting like an experienced traveller will read the landscape for clues as to where she should head to find what she is seeking, be it adventure, safety, or a defined destination.

Following the paths of the labyrinth requires similar attention to the path.
At first, all you can see is the path…

The Path



Then after a bit, the bigger picture comes into focus.
You begin to get some perspective on the journey;
it begins to make sense…


The Bigger Picture

And then, often all too soon, you’ve arrived.
You’ve reached the centre of the labyrinth, or the end of your pattern.
You’ve come to the point where you can reflect on where you’ve been,
and how you got from there to here…


Whether you focus on the inward journey or the external path your feet are following, you have only to surrender yourself to that path in order to reach the center.

The Journey

Attention to what crosses your path ,
your thoughts, images, and stories as well as the people and things you might meet along the way, shapes both your internal and external travels
as they mark the path and give character to the journey.
Whether knitting or following the labyrinth’s meandering paths,
this is what carries us forward.

2 Replies to “Maybe I’m Not So Crazy After All…”

  1. Even if I do not know knitting, the Internet seems to be a knitting piece.
    Fine to see this familiar labyrinth and someone in the center quite familiar.
    Keep on Blogging, Kim.

  2. So… when I walk a labyrinth each time, its a sweater I’m knitting??? I think it is true, gossamer threads coming together, in soul and in mind as I weave in and out… beautiful post Kimberly, in word, idea, and picture… XO

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