Knitters Unite!

I’ve mentioned Ravelry earlier — but let me say a bit more. Are you a knitter? If so, Ravelry is a great way to compare your knitting projects with what the rest of the world is knitting. You can post pictures of your work, keep records of your stash, plan your next projects, and download free patterns.

If you’re on Ravelry, you can find me listed as klsaward. If you’re not on yet, you’ll have to register for an invitation. Joining is free, but you’ll have to be patient as it takes a week or two for new invitations to be issued. Once you’re in, let me know and I’ll link to you as a friend.

4 Replies to “Knitters Unite!”

  1. I love Ravelry!! I am bruisin on there, hope to see you in Newbie Cafe’ (a group I’m administrator over)!!

    I am totally addicted to Ravelry, aren’t you?


  2. I love this picture!!!!

    And that you have knitters together from all over the world… that is a very large web… XO

  3. Will yoin Kim ! Super ! You got me knitting in such a happy and spiritual way !
    Yes… Knitters Unite ! splendid.

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