Weaving My Worlds Together


Sometimes synchronicity and grace weave a cosmic occurrence that manages to feel so completely personal that it affirms one’s place in the Universe. Today is World Labyrinth Day; people around the world are making it a point to walk a labyrinth, many of them doing it at 1:00 pm local time to create a planetary walk that rolls around the globe. Local artist Sandbanksy made a sand labyrinth on the Southend seafront to delight passers-by and celebrate the day.


By 1:00, the tide was on its way in, already nibbling the back edges of the labyrinth, letting us play in the waves as we wound through the circuits.


But… as you may know, I’m also a knitter — and the international calendar of days has decreed that today is also Yarn Shop Day. Seriously!


And so, today, I celebrate the meandering paths I love so much, the yarn shop that feels like a second home, and the communities that hold me in their embrace.


I feel very blessed.

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