Spiralling Onwards


Labyrinth Angel

It is always so gratifying to catch a glimpse of the world in its ever-ongoing spiral. I’m sure that’s why the labyrinth draws me as it does, providing me with a gentle reminder of this eternal principle. Our home is spiralling at the moment. My close friend, Chris, is having her (long-awaited) new living room furniture delivered today, and she has passed her old furniture on to us. A family member had given it to her a few years ago to use until she was ready to buy a new suite herself…. recycling like this both reuses the furniture and weaves friends, families, and strangers together in our generosity and needs. For us, it is a change, a chance to rethink our surroundings as it sets an invisible spiral of giving and recycling in amongst the labyrinth images and spirals that decorate our house.

What can you spiral onwards today?

New Chair
New to Us!

4 Replies to “Spiralling Onwards”

  1. What a beautiful spiral angel! And the chair….lovely. As we plan our day of revisiting the shed to pass forward items no longer used I’m inspired and heartened.

  2. That chair looks so comfy… and with a labyrinth angel right over the shoulder… what could be better? My post today, is all about what I am doing to spiral things onward… one of those places where we are side by side in the labyrinth… even though oceans and miles apart… XO

  3. Hi….you sure CAN get lost in these blogs, etc….Happy to see you and your Labyrinth Angel and new chair! Looks like a good one for sitting, knitting and thinking up your 6 word memoir! Hugs

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