Memoir in an image and six words:
Mystery gives birth to endless flow…
The lovely Peaceful Knitter tagged me last week (my first tag!!), challenging me to pen a 6-word memoir then illustrate it with an image. I’ve spent the past few days pondering deeply, asking myself about what six words could possibly sum up my passage through life….. The answer is Mystery as she weaves her magic into my ordinary existence.
I suppose some of you will be surprised that I did not show an image of the labyrinth, which I surely could have done, as Mystery led me to the labyrinth as surely as it accompanies me through the meandering paths of my journey through life. Indeed, the dedication in my doctoral dissertation which was on the labyrinth’s potential for transformation reads:
To Mystery,
who guides our passage through life’s
strange and unexpected turnings
From my love of labryinths, to my knitting and beading, to the cherished connections I have with friends and family throughout the world, I have learned that Mystery gives birth to endless flow….
In turn, I tag Tales from the Labyrinth, the blog that made me yearn to blog; MyMaze, who might choose to write his memoir in his native German; firefly of I Live on a Farm, who inspires me with her boundless energy and beautiful taste; Wovenflame, who probably doesn’t know I exist, but who opens her heart, her family, and her knitting to the world; and Thistle Hill, in hopes that this will rekindle her blogging efforts.

7 Replies to “Memoir”

  1. Mystery Labyrinth
    was the title of mymaze since 2002 without knowing what that would cause.
    Thank you, Kim, to remember Mystery.

  2. Mystery.. the word Labyrinth lead me into the labyrinths itself and with it into a world of friends with their own spirituality and behind horizons which I did not existed and which changed my life.
    That I think, is what Mystery is all about!
    Thank you for sharing this Kim !

  3. Tenacious
    I AM

    A six word memoir, by Lea Goode-Harris, dedicated to the mystery woman Kimberly Lowelle Saward,

    My image… is yet to come… XO

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