The Call of the Pilgrim Path

I haven’t written anything for a long time… it’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, but rather that I’ve had too much to say, and I haven’t been sure about how much I wanted the world to know about the process unfolding deep within my soul… But I miss writing, and there are things I want to share here. So, where to start?


On September 1, I will set out from Notre Dame in Paris and walk the 100 kilometers (60+miles) to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres. My good friend Lisa Moriarty will be flying in from Minnesota, and we’ll take the Eurostar to Paris,  before setting out for Chartres. We plan to walk for three days and will be met in Chartes by several dear friends. This is a midlife celebration of our vitality, a pilgrimage in the deepest and most sacred sense of the word.


Last year, when I was in Paris, I had a hard time keeping up with my friends, and in the spirit of pilgrimage, I had an epiphany in the Sacre Coeur, high atop Paris’ Montmartre. Having spent the previous Christmas in a pediatric ICU in California with my grandson, Aaron, I sensed that my own life was about to change drastically in response to the experience of seeing these young children fighting so hard for their lives…. I was just waiting for the spark of  insight that would illuminate my next steps. Finally, amongst the tourists and mosaics of Sacre Coeur, something lit my heart on fire, and I promised myself, and God, that I would fight for my vitality, that I would do everything in my power to lose the weight I needed to lose and regain my fitness, health, and most importantly, my vitality. That was 15  months ago, and in that time,  I have lost an amazing amount of weight and and am ready to take to the road in a new way, making a pilgrimage that I’ve been harbouring in my heart for a very long time, a dream rekindled by seeing the pilgrims on the road to Compostela during our recent trip to Spain.


This past year has been grace-filled. I have loved the weight loss process, the fitness, the new look. And on a deeper level, I have been thrilled by saying YES to life. Shouldering my rucksack and following an ancient pilgrim road is an old and cherished dream…

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  1. I am so excited for you… in just a few days you are going to embark on such a journey… my heart is thrilled at the joy you express here and the saying yes to life that you have embraced in body, mind, and in spirit. I love the thought of walking to Chartres… not by car, bus, or fast train, but on foot. Each step taking you closer to that yearning, each step the pilgrim’s path, to be known through the souls of your feet into the marrow of your being… My love and blessings go with you! And I look forward to the stories that will follow… XO

  2. Enjoy the inward adventure as you travel outward…I look forward to stories and as always…inspiration upon your return! And stay away from yarn shopping…it’s difficult to walk with a backpack and knit at the same time but then again…if anyone can do it – you can! Blessings to you and Lisa on your journey.

  3. Kimberly, I am proud of you, inspired by you and challenged by your commitment to find and follow my own.
    Blessings on your pilgrimage and keep writing!

  4. Kimberly! So good to hear from you, 2 years on from our wonderful sojourn in Scotland. And to hear about your amazing epiphany. I have much to tell you but will have to write an email. Keep it up and post photos. So much love — Annie

  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I would love to take a pilgrimage like this. Since it’s not possible for me now, I hope you will share stories of your journey. Many blessings on your path to Chartres.

  6. Kimberly,
    it is great to hear from you at new.
    What happened and what you are planning to do.
    As I walked the way from Paris to Chartres some years ago, I can feel with you and Lisa.
    Blessings on your paths,
    outside and inside the labyrinth,
    of Chartres and life.

  7. Namaste to you dear Kimberly and Lisa…know that you will be walking with all kinds of love from kindred spirits wishing they were with you! It is wonderful to anticipate the magic of your journey…be well and celebrate with each step.

  8. Dear SisKim, I am SO EXCITED for you. I cant’ wait to hear all about it! It was amazing to see you and get caught up with you in Minnesota a few months ago, and to celebrate VITALITY! Peace and blessings on your sacred journey, SisValerie

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