Thundersley is Labyrinthed!

For one brief, shining moment, Thundersley had the newest labyrinth on the planet. I have no illusions that it is still the newest; I’m sure that within the hour an even newer one had  been created somewhere,  by someone… such is the way these things happen. We know from seeing what crosses our desks here at Labyrinthos HQ that new labyrinths are appearing at an unprecedented rate. But this little Glen Labyrinth is our baby, and we’re excited to be introducing it to the world!  


Our friend, Els, is visiting from the Netherlands for several days, and she is as passionate about labyrinth adventures as we are. She is also a weather angel, bringing us the most marvelous weather when she travels with us…. so we decided to take advantage of the beautiful and mild afternoon, and headed for the woods. Literally. labysite400Today we wanted to give something back in return for the hours of happy walks the Glen has given us… a wee labyrinth tucked into the trees at the edge of a small rise. We chose our site, then started the task of gathering the wood that would make the walls of our little labyrinth.

elssticks4001And it wasn’t long before our labyrinth began to take shape…


And at the very center, we tucked a tiny little stone, shaped like a woman, to invoke blessings and peace on those who will walk these paths…


We then blessed our labyrinth with the Loving Kindness prayer:

May this labyrinth and all who walk these paths be blessed with loving kindness…  May they be well… May they be peaceful and at ease…  May they be happy!


3 Replies to “Thundersley is Labyrinthed!”

  1. I love your Thundersley Glen labyrinth! It looks enchanting in the woods like that, made by little elves…

  2. It is beautiful, these blessings, friendships woven into this rich glen teaming with life… yeah Thundersley!!!

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