Midnight Magic

I know…. I’m still going on about the snow. But we are having a rather amazing winter, and I guess if I am honest then I will have to admit that snow itself fascinates me. As a California girl, I was 17 years old and attending University before I saw my first snowfall, and the magic of that night still enchants me.

Rain was forecast for Thursday evening, so we settled in for a night of  telly (Jeff) and knitting (moi). Imagine our surprise when we went to lock up for the evening and saw this:


Over the years, I’ve learned that Jeff sometimes sees life best through the lens of his camera. He prefers photographing labyrinths to walking them, for instance, and I’ve seen firsthand how he interacts with the world through his camera…. the rest of us could have spent hours waiting to get a shot like this, but for Jeff the natural world seems to respond to his very presence. By the time his camera was set up and focused, the fox had appeared. Perhaps this is what happens when we accept who we are and consistently nurture the talents that are ours.

4 Replies to “Midnight Magic”

  1. One of the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen… and in your backyard… Kimberly, who would have ever imagined… us????

    1. know… I’m such a weather wuss, and so easily impressed by a bit of snow. What would I do in your part of the world??
      Hibernate, I guess! But this week, we are seeing wee signs of spring’s approach, so I’m filled with hope, even though I know there is more winter yet to come.

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