Jeff finds things — it’s what he does.
Walking with him always turns up interesting finds…


missing things, old things,
things precious,
and sometimes things long forgotten.

Out on the Essex coast last week


in amongst the flowers


and not far from here,


he found this:


Any guesses on what it is, or why it might matter?

Jeff says:

A curious flint caught my eye while walking along the beach at Bradwell, it was obviously a flint tool, but not one of the prehistoric axes, arrowheads, or scrapers that can sometimes be found around the Essex coastline. Its size, one and one eight of an inch wide, and its rectangular form immediately identifies this item as a no.9 gunflint (nine eights of an inch wide), from a military flintlock musket, and therefore probably from the Napoleonic Wars, and made at Brandon in Norfolk.

But how did it end up on the beach at Bradwell…?

3 Replies to “Beachcombing”

  1. ii am wondering about naval action in the north sea, or sinking of a supply vessel? Could the chapel hold a clue? don’t leave it too long before the next post!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday, leaving such nice words Kimberly. As you know, I live near the beach too now but I did not find strange, old ‘things’ like Jeff (yet)… only sun-burned tourists and a lot of thrown-away rubbish… can’t wait till Autumn, when the beach will be ‘mine’ again!

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