Travel Angels, Take 2

A few years ago, I learned that the people we “chance” to meet while traveling can become dear and lifelong friends. It’s as it the Universe conspires to cross our paths, and all we have to do is recognize those heart connections when they happen. I first wrote about encountering a travel angel here, and four years on, we are still in touch, and still matter in each other’s lives.Bikes

The Divine Travel Agent struck again again when we were on Colonsay in June. A quick breakfast with fellow travelers at our B&B stretched out over a whole morning, then carried over into chance meetings on the island, dinners together, and a ferry ride back to Oban. Conversation flowed as easily as if we had known each other for decades rather than merely hours. Our new friends live in London, where they live colourful lives and cycle enthusiastically around Britain and beyond.


We met up at a favourite spot out near the coast last weekend, taking advantage of the amazing summer weather that we are enjoying this year. They caught the train out to Southminster, then (admirably) cycled out to Bradwell to meet us at St. Peter’s-on-the-Wall, Britain’s oldest complete chapel (founded by St Cedd in 653 AD), which sits on the edge of the water where the River Blackwater meets the North Sea. We walked in the sea, did a bit of shell and artifact collecting (how does Jeff find these things??), lingered over a potluck picnic (complete with a bottle of celebratory bubbly) and talked, talked, talked…

Colonsay Crew

I suppose our smiles tell it all… it was, as Jeff says, a smashing day, and further adventures are in the works. The world is full of wonderful people and today life feels good!

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  1. What a wonderful story and discovery of friendship! I love thinking of the four of you waking down that long road and stepping into this beautiful space that has been sacred for so long…

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