Wednesday, 2 September 2009

RambSign400What a joy to wake to clearing skies and perfect walking temperatures! We walked out of Cernay la Ville and headed towards Rambouillet, greatly enjoying the prospects of flatter terrain and a drier day. Our morning’s walk lead us down out of the forested hills toward the broad fields that would mark the second half of our walk. We were definitely in the countryside as we walked from village to village, making welcome stops for coffee or baguettes or sandwiches as we went along.


Once again, we walked just far enough apart to allow us to savour our own flavours of silence, but close enough to feel connected and in sync.  Our goal was to arrive in the village of Maintenon by nightfall, and fantasies of a sauna-equipped B&B kept us going. Unfortunately, the fantasy evaporated when the reality of our uncooperative hotelier set in, but perhaps its purpose had been served in urging us forward over the course of the afternoon.Bridge400

Finally settled into our B&B, we walked into the village in search of dinner, and came up trumps. We found a little restaurant, cozy and beautiful, with a friendly welcome lovely menu, and good wine. Can life get better? Even with our limited French, we managed to convey the idea of our pilgrimage, and were warmly supported and encouraged. With warm hearts and full stomachs, we walked back in the misty rain and enjoyed warm baths and a good night’s sleep.

LisaNature400Many thanks to Lisa for most of these pictures…. she must be fitter than I am because I wasn’t the least bit interested in my camera at this point. And she did so much to make our walk fun — here she is being one with nature!