Monolithic Shadows




In my mind I feel like I’m at an edge deep within my soul, seeking to discover the Self who lurks in the shadows of the monoliths that stand guard over my possibilities, potentials, and secrets. Perhaps this longing for shadowy exploration explains my incredible draw to places like the Outer Hebrides and the Orkneys in Scotland (where this picture was taken). As we travel by ferry, road, and foot, I can feel myself leaving the crowded safety of my usual life. My inner world reflects my travel in the outer world, and I hear the whispers of my soul more clearly as I approach the edges of what I know about myself. Light, shadows, reflections hold new layers of meanings…

Since recommitting myself to blogging as a way of communicating with my widespread and farflung family and community, I find myself thinking about it a lot, writing posts in my head as I go about my life. A nasty little voice in my head hisses that my eclecticism is confusing to readers and probably indicates some great shortcoming… but there is also a stronger voice of Truth rising to the surface. I recognize that voice… it is the one whose whispers take me on great adventures and give colour and shape to my life. Who would want to resist that invitation? So, I will write fearlessly about my work with labyrinths, my creative pursuits, my life in England, and my spiritual explorations along with whatever else fires my imagination and touches my heart.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the memory of what it feels like to lean against these giant standing stones, to let my body relax and simply be embraced and supported by monoliths for whom time knows no limits.

Thanks to my husband, Jeff Saward, for this photo of the Ring of Brodgar which he took on one of our recent tours to Scotland. © Labyrinthos,

4 Replies to “Monolithic Shadows”

  1. That place in you is such an incredible mystery of creativity… Ring of Brodgar is a place I’ve longed to walk through… Beautiful Kimberly… XO

  2. Lovely, Kimberly. Lovely, Jeff. Thanks so much for the words and the image, for providing a moment to stand with you among the standing stones.

  3. Remember, remember…. those were the days were they not Kim ?
    Shared them with you at the time, share it all over with you again. memories which will last forever and byond !

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