Reaching Through Time and Space

Look what dropped through my letterbox this morning!

We live in such an age of miracles…. Last Thursday night I sent off an e-mail to a little shop on the other side of the world, and this morning my current heart’s desire was in my hands. And can you see how it’s addressed? Who wouldn’t smile about being called marvelous at 8:00 on a drizzly grey morning? And things only got better when I tore open the package…

ArtChix Treasures

I have a new project unfolding, one that has been incubating for quite some time now. And these are the little bits and pieces I’ve been wanting for my work. But they’re more than little trinkets… I work with beads as much as with yarn, and this series is beaded. I’m exploring ways of honouring the diverse and eclectic nature of women, and the connections that exist between us.

I’m taking both my inspiration and my motivation from a group of friends in Minnesota. These four women graduated from high school together some years ago, and now meet up once a month or so to keep in touch and stay connected. Although I wasn’t in their school (or even their state), I graduated the same year, and they invite me to join them when I visit Minnesota. Something about this really touches my heart and I’m finding that I treasure our little spark of connection and want to honour it — and them — as part of a bigger picture of Womanly Friendship and Connection.

My first piece is finished, but I’ll wait to unveil her until her first few companions are similarly complete. With luck, each of those women will receive her own little artpiece when we get together in April. Imagine living in a world where our circles can span oceans and continents, as well as decades…

3 Replies to “Reaching Through Time and Space”

  1. What amazing treasures here… stitches Kimberly, stitches weaving magic of connection… I can’t wait to see what you’re making… XO

  2. And what are you doing with all these marvelous hands, heads and shoes? Yes, I see: Some masterpieces for your friends!

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