Dawn Chorus

Spring is early this year, to both our delight and consternation. While we worry about our water tables and reservoirs (as we haven’t had much rain for quite a long time now), we wander outdoors more often, celebrating one little wonder after another as bulbs flower, trees bud, and our local wildlife stirs and returns to our garden.

With the days lengthening, dawn comes earlier and earlier… I stir and wake more easily, with less longing to hide beneath my covers.

at morning’s first light
dawn chorus sings me from sleep
birdsong into day

4 Replies to “Dawn Chorus”

  1. That’s lovely Kim… As you know I lay awake for a long time this last night, and the one thing that gave me such pleasure was listening to the birds waking up: what divine sounds to wake up the world with!

  2. Dawn chorus… this is so lovely, may this song greet you each morning, bringing you joy and healing sound… xo

  3. dear kim,
    i love your
    “birdsong into day” catapulting us all earlier and brighter for the love of spring into each new day!

  4. Your haiku pictures what happend today… I woke very early because of the birds singing and welcoming another Spring day in the Netherlands. Enjoy your weekend!

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