Sometimes it is the smallest things that light up life. After some years (and years) of owning the domain, has become a destination at last! Don’t worry… the old routing still works, but now there’s no need to use the full wordpress address anymore. You can get here like this:

It was really no big deal. WordPress makes it easy, but we blew it out of proportion and I spent years stumbling over the simple instructions and nominal fee. It can be so easy to put obstacles in our way, can’t it? Friends, there’s big energy out there in this year of the Dragon. What are the little things that are standing between you and your dreams?

It’s a beautiful day here today. Things like this are showing up in our garden:

It’s definitely a wear-red-cowboy-boots-and-dance-in-the-garden kind of a day!

Happy Sunday!

3 Replies to “Chuffed!”

  1. Here’s to being chuffed and all sorts of new things blooming and blowing into life on the flames of the water dragon!

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