It is tempting to close out the story of our pilgrimage walk without addressing the dark moments, what Carl Jung would have called Shadow. It is in the shadows that we so often find rich[…]


Support comes in many forms…. From the outset, our plans felt blessed by synchronicity and grace. With our iPhones giving us on-road accessibility, friendly text messages and emails continued to give us the almost uncanny support that[…]


Thursday, 3 September With sore feet, we set out before breakfast Thursday morning, eager to catch our first glimpse of the cathedral and buoyed by the fact that we only had to walk 12 miles[…]


Wednesday, 2 September 2009 What a joy to wake to clearing skies and perfect walking temperatures! We walked out of Cernay la Ville and headed towards Rambouillet, greatly enjoying the prospects of flatter terrain and[…]

First Day of Walking

Tuesday, 1 September 2009… We set out along the Rue St Jacques in the wee hours of the morning, well before Paris woke to the day. Our walk through the dark and deserted streets felt[…]

The Beginning of the Road

Monday, 31 August 2009 We decided early on that this pilgrimage would not be a journey of deprivation, but rather one of celebration and joy. Two close friends, heart sisters, celebrating mid-life empowerment and vitality.[…]


We made it! Lisa and I walked  into Chartres Cathedral early last Thursday afternoon. Still wearing our packs, we walked directly to Mary, Vierge du Pilier, lighting candles as our eyes blurred with tears of[…]

The Journey

In pilgrimage, one’s inner journey reflects the outer journey.  There are as many ways to make a pilgrimage as there are pilgrims, but a thread of sacred intent weaves through them all. Author Sally Welch[…]

The Call to Adventure

I tend to see life as a Hero’s Journey. For many years I taught a class on Myths, Dreams and Symbols at Sonoma State University, using  texts by Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. Over time,[…]